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Combine Engineeringnet
for full market coverage

Engineeringnet Magazine

about designing, engineering and building new technical systems

Maintenance Magazine
about retrofitting and maintaining existing technical systems.

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Unique Selling Proposition

If you are searching for engineers magazines in Belgium:
look no further, you have found them.

Engineeringnet Magazine
Maintenance Magazine

Our industrial technology magazines are among the few that (still) exist in Belgium.

If fact, our professional publications are more or less the only ones that are still standing after the crisis that ravaged through the Belgian professional media scene the past years.

We can offer you two print titles: Engineeringnet Magazine for engineers in design, engineering, manufacturing and production, and Maintenance Magazine for engineers on the shopfloor and in the maintenance and technical serivce departments.

Each comes with a special career supplement in the center of the publication:

Belgium: two language groups

If you are considering advertising in Belgium, you need to know a few things. We have two language groups: the Dutch speaking Flanders region and the French speaking Walloon part.

About 60% of the population is Dutch and 40% is French speaking. Our print magazines reach both language groups through print, and the Dutch speaking engineers also through online. We do not have a online news channel for the French speaking engineers.

Combine print + online

Combining print and online, we can offer a readership of about 200,000 individuals on an annual basis. This means that, depending on your (clients) marketing needs, you always have the best fitting type of communication at your disposal, with the highest possible degree of exposure.

Also for technical recruitment

It goes without saying that a readership of 200,000 engineers creates a unique opportunity if you are a technical recruiter.

At the center of every issue of botch Engineeringnet and Maintenance print, we publish a Job Special: Vacatech. Not only to be inform potential candidates, but also to increase appreciation for the technical profession in general.