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Message to advertisers and recruitment specialists...

Please note that we highly
respect our visitors.

Therefore we only accept
banners and vacancies
that are directly related to the world of technology and science.

Thank you in advance for taking this into account.

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One language region, two techsites
Are you looking for professional media to inform the engineering communities in the Netherlands and the Dutch speaking part of Belgium?
Then we can recommend you our two techsites Engineeringnet BE.
On a yearly basis not less than about 300,000 visitors find their way to our platform that covers the entire Dutch speaking part of Europe.

Depending on your needs, you can so choose for both or for one of our two techsites for your communication and advertising campaigns.

We can offer you 2 channels: online & e-newsletter
Desktop PC / Tablet: 2 techsites Engineeringnet BE
Banners: regular banners or as text advertisements (do-it-yourself ads)
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Jobboard: vacancies

E-mail: newsletter
Every Wednesday & Friday
Banners: text advertisements (text rectangles) and leaderboards
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A simple choice: we're a market leader

The Engineeringnet was created in 2007 (www.engineeringnet.be).

There is also a e-newsletter on Wednesday and Friday, distributed in Belgium and Holland. And we are an official Google News Provider in both countries.

If you consider online advertising or recruitment, the choice is simple:
choose Engineeringnet. No matter if you are a technical distributor, manufacturer, engineering company, event organizer or recruitment specialist, Engineeringnet is always the best choice.