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Text Banner
What is a Text Banner?
A Text Banner is a horizontal banner, composed of a title, text and internet link. This kind of advertisement is suited for long term placement, because it does not have the look & feels of publicity.
When to choose:
Choose this format when you do not have a graphical designer at hand, or when you budget is limited.

Rate Belgium:
main text of 60 characters: 315 € / month
main text of 120 characters: 415 € / month

Rate Netherlands:
main text of 60 characters: 230 € / month
main text of 120 characters: 300 € / month
including: free layout by our services !
Material requirements:
Title: text of 25 characters, empty spaces included
Main text: text of 60 or 120 characters,empty spaces included
Internet link: url to website or landing page.
Not allowed
Homepage News Overviews News Pages Entire website
Desktop PC Tablet Smartphone
At the middle of the pages
Standalone: does not alternate wiht other banners on the same position
Reservation: per month
1st till end of month