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Did you know...

that you can advertise
on Engineeringnet.be
for only 425 euros

Online campaigns with banners
A banner is the online counterpart of an advertisement in a print magazine: it is designed to enhance your company/brand image. Each time a visitor views your banner, your brand image is enhanced.

For display banners
we charge a cost per fixed period.

For text banners we charge a cost per fixed period. This type of (cheaper) banner is mainly chosen for campaigns over several months of one year.

For our newsletter, we use a rate system that is similar to print advertising: you pay per insertion and per edition. Our newsletter appears twice a week.

Campaigns and reporting
From 2017 on, we manage campaigns with display banners via Google's Double Click. For text banners we provide you on request with report from Google Analytics. Newsletter campaigs are managed with MailChimp.