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Sponsored news
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Press Release Service & Social Media
Distributing your press releases on a large scale? We offer that possibility: you can post them yourself on our website(s) and in our e-newsletter, and then expand you campaign using the the social media.

Post your content or press releases on Engineeringnet ...
Engineeringnet offers companies and agencies the possibility to post their press releases and other content on its online platform. This type of marketing is generally known als "sponsored content" or "native advertising".

Our techsites Engineeringnet.BE and Engineeringnet.NL are the largest in their field of interest in Belgium and Holland, and are visited every year by more than 200,000 engineers. The e-newsletter is sent out every Wednesday and Friday to about 5,500 subscribers. There is one newsletter version, for The Netherlands and Belgium together.

These are not our stats, but those of Google Analytics.

... and boost them on the social media
Publishing sponsored content on Engineeringnet garantuees a large distribution to the Dutch speaking technical communities in Belgium and/or the Netherlands. As we are also present on the main social networks, you can boost your content from our websites on f.i. Twitter. Our Press Release Service offers the best of both worlds!

Types of content

Sponsored news
Any kind of company news. For instance all news items you put on your own website. Is always published with company contact data.

Agenda links
Ideal if you organize an event, course, congress or seminar. Short text, date, location plus url to information of registration page on your own website..